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Coin Trader's Ultimate Tool.

Are you tired of trading in the dark?
Say hello to Pocket Watcher!

  • Analyse Fresh Wallets Activities

  • Snipers Activities Heatmap

  • Discover mooners Top Traders

  • Revenue Share to $POCKET holders

  • Token Gated Community

O aplicativo


Our initial features are already LIVE! And you can try them on our bot here.

After coin launch, we will token gate our features and add a bunch of new functions, our goal is to be the Swiss Knife for web3 degens.

1- /snipers

Want to enter a coin, but you don't know the right time? this heat map will help you finding the right enter for your gems.

Captura de Tela 2023-08-30 às 16.50.24.png

2- /fresh

Insidoooors! I know you want to follow them. Use our tool to verify fresh wallets activities on the last blocks.

Captura de Tela 2023-08-30 às 17.03.09.png

3- /analyse

What about finding top profiters betweet mooners projects? this is super easy with our analyse feature.

Captura de Tela 2023-08-30 às 17.06.13.png

4- /We are only beginning

Check more about our $POCKET DAO and future plans on our detailed Roadmap.


Total supply: 100.000.000
liquidity: 1ETH/ 90% Supply
tax: 4/4 

Team Tokens - 5% (vested 6 months)

KOL Tokens (marketing) - 2.5%

CEX/Community - 2.5%

Liquidity Locked - 365 days

Revenue Share - 

50% project revenue to holders

Revenue streams -

  • taxes

  • ad placement


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